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Author Topic: FAQs  (Read 9227 times)
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In order to make your time at the forum run as smoothly as possible, we have compiled this list of Frequently Asked Questions as a guide to help you whenever you are stuck with something. The list, although comprehensive, is not exhaustive, so if there is anything else you need help with that you don't see here, be sure to let us know.

General Forum

1. Where can I find the forum rules?
The rules of the forum have been compiled and are updated by PopRockGeek. You can find them at the top of the main forum under the section marked 'Rules & Regulations'. Clicking HERE will take you straight to them.

2. What happens if I break a rule?
We have a structure in place that deals with rule breaking depending on the severity of your actions and whether or not they were deliberate. In most cases you will initially be given a friendly notice to amend your behaviour. Further rule breaking will result in warnings being issued and if the matter continues to escalate then the matter will be passed to The Doc who may choose to suspend or completely deactivate your account.

3. Why are there different sections for the upcoming series?
The sections are split to make life easier for members of the forum. Sections can easily get cluttered and fitting nearly 50 years worth of potential discussion topics into one section would make finding things extremely difficult. Splitting sections means that people can discuss their interests in different, easy to find areas without things becoming too overcrowded or difficult to find. Another reason that sections are split is to make sure that spoilers are kept away from people who do not wish to be spoiled.

4. What's a spoiler?
A spoiler can be a quote, picture, video or piece of information that reveals plot details, castings etc, of stories that have not yet been broadcast on television at least once. The boundries of what constitutes a spoiler can often seem vague so if you are ever unsure whether you might be posting a spoiler then you should check with a moderator first. In the smaller sections for the spinoff shows that do not have their own spoiler section, spoiler tags should be used in your posts or if you are starting a thread based around spoilers then you should include (SPOILERS) in the title. Most sections have a spoiler thread if they do not have their own section, where you can post spoilers freely without the use of tags. Spoilers in these sections however should still be kept out of the titles.

5. Why are the character threads split into sections?
The Appreciation & Loathing section is split into two to give members the chance to air their feelings without argument, negativity or disapproval. This section of the forum is moderated very closely and you should always be sure to adhere to the section rules. If you have positive comments you would like to share about a character, then these must always be posted in the 'Appreciation' section. Likewise any negative comments should be posted in the 'Loathing' section. This is without exception. Anyone found to be deliberately breaking the rules and provoking other members will be given a warning which may lead to further action.

6. Can I post stuff I find here on other websites?
Wherever possible, when posting something on the forum from an outside source we encourage you to post a link and give credit where it is due. The same goes for anything that you find on this forum but post elsewhere. Credit should always be given to the forum and to the member who posted the source material and a link to the original post should be included where possible. Taking information from the forum without credit could lead to the deactivation of the account in question or the lockdown of the forum to non members.

7. What is a lockdown?
A lockdown is when the forum closes its doors to guests. This may happen for a number of reasons, though the forum is currently open to be viewed by everyone. The most common reason for the forum or certain sections to go into lockdown is during big events such as series launches or specials. This gives something back to the members who regularly contribute news and spoilers to the forum as well as encouraging guests and non members to join in and access the hidden areas.

The Staff

1. What is a moderator?
A moderator is a member of the forum with extra responsibilites in order to help maintain the upkeep of the site and make sure that the rules are being adhered to so that people's experience of The Doctor In The TARDIS is a positive one. The moderators make decisions about the best ways to move the forum forward and work together as a group to oversee the forum as a whole. Each moderator takes care of an individual section of the forum, sometimes alone and sometimes with other moderators, to make sure that all areas are kept tidy and busy for the members. They are also a point of contact for members who may be having difficulties around the forum and should be your first point of contact if you need help with anything.

2. Who are the moderators and how do I find them?
The moderating team is headed up by The Doc who is the forum administrator. He is highlighted in red around the forum and can be contacted in case of emergencies. The rest of the moderating team consists of:


All of the moderators can be found by being highlighted around the forum in blue. There is a list of staff members tagged to the top of the forum also, but there is nearly always a moderator on hand who can help you out. Just check the 'Who's Online' list at the bottom of the main page.

3. How do I become a moderator?
The best advice for someone who wants to become a moderator is to get yourselves noticed around the forum. Contribute to the forum and be active. Show that you can help out when needed and can be relied up. The current team constantly discuss the potential in people, particularly when there is an opening to fill. The way people are chosen usually comes down to two things. Sometimes The Doc will put out a call for a new moderator and ask people to put themselves forward for the position. The moderating team then votes for the best candidate/s for the position. Other times the decision will be made by the team without the 'mod call' and The Doc will then invite a member to join the team. If you join in with the games, help others out and post where you can then you stand a far better chance of being selected.

Need Help?

1. One of the members is bullying me, what should I do?
If you feel that you are being victimised by a member of the forum then we please ask that you do not try to tackle the issue head on by retaliating. If you feel that discussing the matter with the member will not help the situation then you should speak with a moderator in the first instance with your concerns. Bullying will not be tolerated in any form on this forum but we understand that there isnt always somebody around who can step in immediately. If someone has posted deliberately hurtful or mean comments towards you then the first thing you should do is hit the 'report to moderator' button within the post. A moderator will then assess the situation and decide on the action to be taken. If the problem persists then it could lead to the deactivation of accounts. If you are being harrassed by somebody via personal message then all messages should be forwarded to The Doc, and a decision will be made about how to further deal with it.

2. What about if a moderator is treating me unfairly?
If you feel that a moderator is treating you unfairly or victimising you then you need to report this to The Doc who will investigate the matter and take the appropriate actions. The moderators are in place to make sure that rules are enforced and this can sometimes be mistaken for being harsh, especially if you have to be told several times, so you do need to be sure of the difference. However, the moderators are bound by the same rules as the regular members and must also follow the codes of conduct. If a moderator is found to be in breach of these rules then they will follow the same warning system that is in place for regular members and could have their moderator status removed or even be banned from the forum.

Being A Member

1. How do I add a picture under my name?
To add an avatar to your profile you need to go to your profile and click 'forum profile information'. You have the choice to upload one from your computer or from a website url. Once added you should hit the save option on the page. If your image is quite large, the site will resize your picture so that it meets requirements.

2. How do I add a banner to my posts?
To add a banner to your posts you go to your profile and click 'forum profile information'. Scroll down to the subject box marked 'Signature' and enter the image you wish to use. You need to be sure to wrap the image in IMG and CENTER tags. We do not have a max size limit for banners, but if a banner you use is deemed to big by the moderating team you may be asked to change or resize it.

3. Why do people appear in different colours? Can I change mine?
People appear in different colours around the forum to highlight their roles. Unless changed by The Doc, you are unable to have a different colour.

4. How do I change my username?
It is possible to change your username though a valid reason must be put forward to do so and very few people are approved. All requests for username changes have to be made via PM to one of the moderating team.

5. Can I have more than one user account on the forum?
Members are only allowed to have one username on the forum at any one time unless approved by The Doc for use within the RP section of the forum. Random checks are carried out to make sure that members adhere to these rules and anyone found with more than one account that hasn't been authorised by the moderating team could face account deactivation on all their accounts. If you wish to create a secondary account for use in the RP section, then this must first be cleared by a member of the moderating team who will register your second account. For rules on secondary account posting, see HERE

6. How do I send someone a private message?
To send a private message you can either go to your messages at the top of the page and type in their username or you can click on their profile and choose the option for 'send personal message'.

7. How do I vote for Member of the Month?
The Member Of The Month is chosen by the moderating team on a month to month basis. If you have a suggestion then you are able to put this forward via PM, but the ultimate decision lies with the moderators.

8. I want to join in with the RP section, how do I do that?
To join in with the RP section you should first make sure that the character you want is available. If you need to create a secondary account you should read the rules above and for further information about how to join in you should speak with an RP moderator who is highlighted around the forum in lime green.


1. How do I create a new topic?
To create a new topic, first make sure that you are in the relevent section. When you know this, click on the tab for 'New Topic' and away you go.

2. Can I add pictures and videos?
To add a video you need to paste the full URL into the body of a post. The URL is everything that is included in the address bar of the page you wish to take the video from on youtube. To add a picture, you can either upload from your computer by clicking 'additional options' or you can take the url of a picture on the internet and paste it in IMG tags.

3. How do I start a poll?
Starting a poll, much like a new topic, can be done by clicking the tab for 'Post New Poll'.

4. Why can't I pin my topic to the top?
Only the moderators have the authority to pin a topic to a thread. If you think that a topic should be pinned then you can request it with a member of the moderating team, though usually only very important or very active topics get pinned to a section.

5. I posted in the wrong place, how do I move it?
If you posted in the wrong place then you can either leave a note in the thread for a moderator to move it, or you can ask one directly to do it for you.

6. How do I quote someone?
To quote someone's post then you should hit the 'quote' button within a post. To multi quote, hit the quote button on whichever posts you wish to quote from and they will all appear in the quick reply box at the bottom of the page.

7. I need to edit a post, how do I do it?
You can edit your posts by hitting the modify button on the post that needs to be changed. You will only be able to make changes to posts that you have made.

Being Moderated

1. My post/topic has been moved. Why?
If the moderators feel that a post is in the wrong place, or can be merged with something similar then they will do so and do not need to give prior warning, however, where possible we will try to let you know if a post/topic has been moved or merged.

2. Am I allowed to swear in my posts?
Swearing is allowed, though we do ask that you try to refrain from being too obscene as some members may find it offensive or distateful. Never, should swearing be aimed at another member. This could lead to disciplinary action.

3. I wanted to post in a topic but it's locked. Why is this?
Topics may be locked for a number of reasons. Some are read only because they are under maintenence by a moderator, some may be closed because there has been negative activity in them and some may be closed at the wishes of the original poster. Most likely, if a topic is locked then it will remain so, but you are welcome to start a similar thread if it is a topic you wish to discuss. Check with a moderator first that it is ok to do so.

4. I have had a warning, what happens now?
If a moderator has given you a warning then a record will be made of it in the Moderators Section. Unless stated otherwise, once the warning is issued you can go about your business on the forum and the matter will remain private. If the situation remains unchanged then another formal warning will be given by The Doc and if matters do not improve then The Doc may terminate your membership or put you under suspension.

5. What if I think my warning was unfair?
If you think that the warning you have been given is unfair then the first thing you must do is contact The Doc. You are under no circumstances to argue with the moderating team about the decision. Send a private message to The Doc outlining the situation and the reasons you believe it was unfair and he will then make a decision about whether to overturn it. Whilst a decision is being made, no further action will be taken.

6. What happens if I get banned? Can I come back again at some point?
If you are given a ban then the Doc will outline the terms of this with you. If the ban is permanent then you will be unable to return to the forum, but if you are given a suspension then the ban will be in place for the length of time decided by The Doc.

7. What sort of things should I never post?
We are pretty relaxed here about what you can and can't talk about, but we do have certain rules in place about certain subject matter. You should never post abusive, malicious or derogatory comments about other users on the forum under ANY circumstances. We ask that you remember the differences between actors and the characters they play and while you are free to pass comment on any characters, the actors must be treated with respect. If you want to comment on the work of the production team then do so by all means, but remember to not make it personal. Talk of sex is allowed within reason as long as it is legal and stays within the realms of decency, though under no circumstances is anything ****ographic to be posted on the forum. Not only could this cause trouble for the poster, but it could also get the forum closed down by the hosts.

8. What do I do if I think someone is breaking the forum rules?
If you think someone is breaking the rules then speak with a moderator who will deal with the problem in confidence. You should never attempt to enforce the rules yourselves. If you see a post which is outside of the rules in any way that the moderating team may have missed, then click the report to moderator button and it will be dealt with straight away.

Further Help

1. I need help with something but I don't see it already mentioned. What should I do?
If there is something you still need help with that isn't covered here, then please visit The TARDIS Help Desk and post your query, where a member of the team or another forum member, will help you out as soon as they can

2. I have a great idea for the forum, who should I tell?
We have a Suggestion Box on the forum where you can submit any ideas you have or let us know your thoughts about the site and everything posted there is looked into by the moderating team.

3. I want to add a tesitmonial, am I allowed?
Yes, everyone is allowed to enter a testimonial. To do so, write yours out as a new thread and then post it in the section. A moderator will then check that it is ok and lock the thread so that it is read only.

4. How do I close my account?
To close your account you need to click on 'close account' on your profile. The Doc must authorise this before the account is deleted.
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