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Title: Section Rules
Post by: poprockgeek on January 27, 2013, 05:48:03 pm
Within this section please restrict conversations and topics to the episode being discussed. For conversations, theories and discussions relating to previous and future episodes then please be sure to post in the relevent sections. This avoids confusion for members, lowers the risk of people seeing spoilers that they would rather not see and also helps the moderators to keep the section tidy.

While you are posting in this section, please be mindful of people who may not have seen the episode yet. While spoilers are permitted within each thread, please keep spoilers out of thread titles so that people can remain spoiler free until they have seen the episode and lowers the risk of people being spoiled when looking through the 'recent posts' section. Spoilers within a thread do not need tags, so people who want to avoid spoilers until they have viewed the episode should be mindful that discussions taking place in the threads may include plot details and other spoilers for this episode.

Whilst posting in this section you must also adhere to the overall rules of the forum. If you are unfamiliar with these rules then they can be found at the top of the main board. If you are unsure about whether something you are posting belongs in this section, then please check with the section moderators in the first instance, though if they are not available then please contact any other member of the team.

The moderators in this section are to be announced.