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Title: The Ice Warriors - The Second Doctor
Post by: Nyki2 on July 26, 2014, 06:41:45 pm
I've watched the version of this with the summarised reconstruction for the two missing episodes, but I've just watched the DVD version for the first time.

Generally, I feel this was a very good story, but not a great one.  I love the Ice Warriors in The Seeds of Death and the Peladon stories, but they seemed to be getting over the teething troubles with them (that's backed up in the extras) and they weren't at full power yet.

There were a few problems with the script, including a huge scientific hole where they claimed that fewer plants meant less CO2.  It's actually the opposite - plants use up CO2 and produce oxygen.  There were also plenty of circular arguments where characters seemed to be taking sides randomly, often switching from what they'd just said.

I was a little disappointed at the animation.  It wasn't bad, but not up to the standards of The Invasion, I felt - for instance, they didn't seem to have tried to synchronise the mouths with the dialogue.  It mostly worked all right, but I was always very conscious of watching animation.

The acting was mostly pretty good, especially from Peter Sallis, and the Ice Warriors were impressive in spite of their problems.  I don't have very clear memories of seeing this originally, but I should think it would have looked awesome in 1967.