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Title: Section Rules
Post by: The Doc on November 20, 2010, 02:01:00 pm
Doctor Who In The News is the section of the forum where you can post and discuss news related to Doctor Who and its spinoff's that does not directly tie into upcoming series or storylines.

If an actor, writer, director etc, of the show has made the headlines for some reason or another then this is the place to discuss it. Likewise if the show or one of its spinoff's has been nominated for an award or even been slated in the press then it can all go in here.

If a news article you are planning on posting regards to storylines, casting, spoilers or any other form of upcoming casting news then it should be placed within the relevent threads around the forum that cater to each series.

If the news you are posting comes from another website then feel free to copy and paste the whole thing, but remember to always link back to the source material and let us know where you got it from.

Within the section you must also adhere to the overall forum rules which can be found HERE (,10.0.html). If you need any help with anything from posting to linking then please contact a member of the moderating team who will be happy to help.