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October 01, 2020, 05:56:42 pm
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1  Travels In Time And Space / The Hub / Re: Is it time to get over Ianto? on: November 21, 2010, 01:54:37 pm
Long overdue, IMHO. I never got the fanaticism people had towards him, and was more devastated over Tosh and Owen's death, and yet everyone's forgotten them both it seems.

Agreed, I never got into the whole Ianto/Jack but fair enough for those who did, thing is Jack can never truly just settle down with one person forever & ever, it was bound to end one day & his dead suited the CoE story somehow, Jack could only leave if he had lost it all...

Time to get over Ianto I think...
2  Fanatical For Who / Appreciation Threads / Re: Captain Jack Harkness on: November 16, 2010, 10:56:46 pm
I have to say that apart from Ten, Captain Jack is my favorite.  And yes I agree that in Torchwood he is more serious but it's also because he is in charge of his own team as opposed to following the Doctor around.  I don't think that it would be a good idea to bring him back for 5, just because he had such good chemistry with both Eccleston and Tennant, it would ruing to meet another Doctor.

Agreed! I LOVE Jack but I'll prefer him NOT to be with another Doctor... Torchwood should be enough for him... He's fantastic! Smiley
3  Fanatical For Who / Loathing Threads / Re: Dislike for Moffat on: November 16, 2010, 10:40:02 pm
"I am definitely coming from a place of "I've been burned and I absolutely hate River's char to the point where dealing with her is an aggravation I'd rather not subject myself to." I've already been disappointed beyond belief with the new series...
Totally willing to accept I could be turned around and really wish I could. But I am absolutely, positively sick of having River crammed down my throat and do not want the show to turn into "Doctor Who and River Song", and it looks like it's heading in that direction...."

I agree with Blue Rose in all of the above... The thought of River becoming a permanent or significant character in Who history makes me physically sick....
4  Fanatical For Who / Loathing Threads / Re: Dislike for Moffat on: November 16, 2010, 10:26:48 pm
I think he has run the show into the ground personally

Agreed! Can't stay the guy personally, smug & irritating like loads of his characters, I want him gone & want RTD back!
5  Fanatical For Who / Appreciation Threads / Re: Russell T Davies on: November 16, 2010, 10:24:47 pm
Love RTD! End of....
6  Fanatical For Who / Appreciation Threads / Re: Minions Of Martha on: November 06, 2010, 11:44:50 am
What can I say? Just consider me a Martha minion, I love her, she's lovely, vulnerable but still smart & gutsy as hell without being all 'in your face' or show off.

She did whatever was required of her without complaining, always dignified.
She, of course couldn't help falling in love with such a wonderful & gorgeous man, who could blame her for that? She's only human.

She is my favourite companion of Ten's era & only just about at the same level than Donna in my affections...

Love, love, love her so much....
7  Fanatical For Who / Appreciation Threads / Re: Ten Love on: November 06, 2010, 11:33:22 am
I adore him. Fav Doctor, hands down. Loved the bits and flashes of the other Doctors in his acting, loved his style...he got me into the series, catching up on the classic stuff and I've been here ever since. Cheesy

The only reason I have not participated in this thread yet is because everything I have to say about the 10th Doctor I have said 100th times over on Twitter.

But I'll just echo what you said... I started watching the show because of 10th, shock horror, I've never been a geek or a Sci-Fi fanatic, yet he made me get into the show & at 30 years odd made me suspend disbelief & turn into a child, with the faith that this wonderful man could really save the world.

I was taken in such a wonderful journey by him, I would religiously wait for every new episode impatiently, because of him & his adventures I got into role playing on Twitter & the utter happiness that he brought into my life can never never be replaced, never be forgotten.

He is most undoubtedly MY Doctor, he will always be & I would follow him blindly to the ends of the earth.

In MY Universe, MY reality, Ten lives forever..
8  Fanatical For Who / Appreciation Threads / Re: Minions Of Martha on: September 07, 2010, 10:05:40 pm
Agree with all of your comments...
Underrated, underused... strong, intelligent, beautiful...

I absolutely adore Martha... she couldn't help but fall in love with the Doctor (he did give her mixed signals) but she overcame that & decided to remove herself from the situation.
She had the strenght to fight alone without the Doctor holding her hand...

Love, love, love her!
9  Fanatical For Who / Loathing Threads / Re: Dislike for River Song on: September 07, 2010, 09:11:38 am
I think part of the problem is the audience was expected to accept - okay, we've had so many years of coming to terms with this all powerful alien 'man' who can do all these incredible things, but in five minutes we are supposed to accept that he fell completely for this woman in the future, and okay now she knows just as much and even more than he does. She can fly the TARDIS (and no one can do that), she knows his real name etc etc.
There was no slow build, no foreshadowing. She just came out of nowhere. Rose and Donna and Martha built up their characters and became matches for the doctor after a long time, and lots of character building for both them and the audience.
This woman comes in and it's like, "Well, you just have to accept that she's a special snowflake."
No thanks.
And P.S.  stop saying Spoilers. It's not cute.

Agreed, agreed, agreed.... with EVERYTHING!

Yes, that 'spoilers' catchphrase is beyond annoying...

AND may I add.... Lots of River lovers seem to think that the only people who hate her are 'women in love with 10th'

WRONG again! First of all, yes, I love ten but he wasn't even romantically involved with her, if anything it would have been Eleven or some other regen and believe me... she can keep eleven for all I care, no skin off my nose, Why would I be jealous?

Second of all, as I said before, there have been other flirty and MUCH more attractive women with the Doctor & I have NO problem with them...

Lady Christina being one of them.... MUCH hotter than River, snogged Ten, yet I have no problem with her... or even Pompadour, although I know some didn't like that episode, she was loads more attractive than RS and Ten adored her...

How come I'm not jealous of them then?

Because I don't find their chars annoying, they weren't trying to upstage the Doctor & didn't have ridiculous catchphrases...

So that theory about 'women hating River because they are jealous of her with Ten?' Give me a break!

10  The Doctor In The TARDIS Help Centre / Testimonials / A perfect place for a friendly exchange of ideas between whovians on: September 07, 2010, 08:56:28 am
I just want to add my voice and say that the idea behind this forum is to allow everyone their opinions on the show, whether positive or negative as long as we don't taunt each other and show respect for opinions different to our own.
As long as we adhere to those rules this could be truly a very enjoyable forum.
I feel comfortable knowing that most of the members have understood the concept behind this place and are mostly lovely, friendly people.
May this site grow!
11  Fanatical For Who / Loathing Threads / Re: Dislike for River Song on: September 05, 2010, 04:21:01 pm
I agree again, that is a very simplistic statement... She's a woman, so am I, therefore I hate her?! Uh... WRONG! I don't hate other female DW characters, I don't hate all of those females who flirt with the Doctor, I just find her absurd, Mary Sue-ish & absolutely irritating... AND I won't be going to the 'River Love' thread to get abusive & personal with her supporters...
I think it's bloody funny that you all use the phrase 'Mary Sue' when I haven't got a smeg what you're all on about.

It's funny to me that most people who hate her seem to be certain women getting their knickers in a knot.

Just saying....Smiley

I'm bisexual, so stop generalizing and complaining about threads which are very clearly marked and obviously against your personal opinion.

Consider this your first warning.
12  Fanatical For Who / Appreciation Threads / The 8th Doctor on: September 02, 2010, 06:14:28 pm


I know that the 8th Doctor never got a tv series & only got to shine in the Doctor Who movie & to some extent in the audio stories but nevertheless I absolutely adore him.

He's suave, sophisticated, sweet, slightly clumsy, rocks that bohemian look like no other, has lovely hair, soulful eyes & the most sensual dulcet tones ever! Wink
After the 10th Doctor who is my ultimate fave, the 8th Doctor with his romantic manner has won my heart...

 Any other 8th lovers? Smiley
13  Fanatical For Who / Appreciation Threads / Re: The "We Love Rory" Thread on: September 02, 2010, 06:00:31 pm
I don't even like S5 and I like Rory. Nuff said.  Cool
AGREED! I am NOT a fan of anything in series 5, I hate River Song with a vengeance, I can't stand 11th, Amy infuriates me, Moffat isn't my favourite writer, in fact I quite dislike him, I hated the stories, what they did to the Angels & Daleks, the opening credits, the theme music... I could go on and on but....

I absolutely ADORE Rory & want to marry him! Tongue He is the sweetest most devoted bloke ever & deserves to be treated better by Amy... I could gladly see all the other chars perish but I'm keeping Rory-baby! :-*

14  Fanatical For Who / Loathing Threads / Re: Dislike for River Song on: September 01, 2010, 06:33:58 pm
As this is a thread to bluntly express our dislike for River Song, let me count the ways in which to express my hate!
When she appeared along the 10th Doctor I was kind of indiferent to the char, I found her a tiny bit obnoxious & yes, rude but that was all...
But since her reappearance in S5... Oh my! I absolutely hate her...
Power to mature women & all that, I'm no spring chicken myself but seriously this 'old hag' suddenly turned all Femme Fatale/Lara Croft & it really looks like her char is the ultimate Mary Sue.
She knows ALL about the Doctor, much more than he does, pilots the TARDIS better, makes Daleks beg, something not even the Doctor has achieved, is also apparently irresistible & 'sexy' (or so they make us believe), dishes out the most annoying catchphrases & frankly looks ridiculous flirting with Eleven as she looks like his young granny (horrible hair btw)... Anyway, that's just the start of why I dislike her with such intensity...
The only way that hideous char can redeem herself is by turning out to be a total baddie or something horrondeous &/or die a terrible death so we never have to see her again.
If Moffat decides to make her the 'wifey' lord have mercy on his soul...
That would be just about the worst possible outcome ever..,
(sorry about any typos, writing on public transport on a phone)
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