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1  Fanatical For Who / Doctor Who Roleplay / Re: Taken and Available Characters (Doctor Who) on: November 08, 2011, 01:20:11 pm
Can I have Romana
2  Fanatical For Who / Doctor Who Roleplay / Re: Taken and Available Characters (Doctor Who) on: October 24, 2011, 09:39:49 pm
Could I have Romana or Bernice Summerfield I can't see them listed
3  Fanatical For Who / Galleries, Fan Art and Fan Fiction / Re: Six minutes on: July 10, 2011, 05:34:22 pm
Thanks. I like writing for both the Doctor and Braxiatel, but never thought of having both the Doctor  and his brother in same story before.

This is one is my favourite stories, but its quite sad because of Romana.
4  Fanatical For Who / Galleries, Fan Art and Fan Fiction / Rip open E-space and get Romana on: June 21, 2011, 01:25:38 am
A/N Basically Romana never went back to Gallifrey and stayed in E-space and didn't become President, and knew nothing of the Time war until the Doctor turns up.


Its not like he had forgot about Romana. He knew she was still alive out there in that pocket universe. He thought about going to see her but always thought better of it. They were different people now, she did not need him she had her life and he had no place in it. He was a fool for leaving it so long and he knew it. Romanadvoratrelundar - his beautiful amazing, brilliant Romana - nobody had even come close to the way he felt about her and he doubted anyone ever could. Romana was his everything and when he left her in that pocket universe his life had never been the same.

But then the Time War happened. Now she was the only other one left and it was his responsibility to tell her. Once there had been something between them. Had she left because she no longer needed him? No she had always been her own person, her own Romana, his brilliant amazing Romana; the one who could fly the TARDIS better than him, who made her own sonic screwdriver that was so more advanced than his, she was his other half his one true love, his soul mate.

They had only ended up in E-space by accident; could it happen again? Could he rip open E-space and get Romana? Why not he thought to himself, let's go get her he said to the TARDIS, who didn't need telling twice as she started off on her own.


A sudden whooshing and groaning noise took Romana by surprise; there was only one thing which made that noise. It was a sound she had not heard it in decades (not that time meant anything to a Time Lord). She stepped back as the TARDIS materialised in front of her.

Within seconds the door swung open and there he stood. He had changed the silly grin and endless scarf were gone. He looked different younger. Her pale green eyes widened as he approached her.

They had both changed in appearance since the last time they had seen each other. He had loved her second body and her soft spirit. She still looked gorgeous to him, with her beautiful green eyes and deep mahogany coloured hair falling past her shoulders. He could see she was taking in his own changed appearance as she twisted her hair round her delicate fingers.

He had a mop of soft, chestnut curls that tumbled down his neck and stopped just above his shoulders. His face was quite astonishingly handsome. His eyes were blue, so blue that Romana thought they could easily blend in with every shade in the sky: navy blue, light blue, aquamarine, turquoise, you name it. She knew it had to be dumbest thing she had ever thought. The Doctor was the other half of herself and all she could think about was his eyes.

"Romana," he said softly, and she winced at the pain in his eyes. His clothes were bloodied and she wondered what could have happened to him. Before she could speak he broke down before her in floods of tears.

She never once saw the Doctor cry, and this fact scared her it had to be something so terrible for him to cry in front of her. She wrapped him in a solid embrace and held him until he was ready to talk. She could feel he was in such pain and wondered what had caused it. Finally after many spans he pulled away.

"They are gone Romana. The Time Lords are gone."

"Doctor?" she gave him a questioning look. How can all her people be gone Romana thought to herself. They were the most mighty race in the universe; they weren't called Time Lords for nothing.

"They was a war, the last great time war with the Daleks and we lost, lost everything."

A tear slipped down her face. "Gallifrey," she whispered She hadn't wanted to return, but she had never wanted this. She sank down to the floor in grief. All she had ever known, her own people, were all gone. Only the Doctor survived.

Her bottom lip started to tremble before she too was overcome with emotions and started to cry, something the Doctor had never seen in her either.

"I had to Time lock it," he explained as if he needed to justify his actions to her. "I was given the chance to end it and I took it." But by now she was no longer listening; her hearts were shattering into a million pieces.


The Time Lord in front of her was the destroyer of her world. He was a murderer. He's no better than the Daleks she mused, but he was still one of her people.

She could not bear to look at him. He was a destroyer of an entire race. How low had her Doctor sunk? She wanted no part of him near her.

"Romana, please say something," he pleaded. He knew she was thinking; she kept uttering the word Gallifrey over and over as she cried.

Finally getting to her feet she turned on him as he had expected. "What gives you the right to play God? How dare you!"

"Romana, please if they had been another way..."

"You are the Doctor, were the Doctor; you have no right to that name any longer! You were the Doctor who fixed things that made them all right."

He looked sadly at her. "Not always," he said quietly.

"Then what is the point of you!" she spat angrily, directing all her anger towards him. For a moment he thought maybe she was right to.

She had never felt so alone. She and the Doctor were the last Time Lords in the universe. Once such a long time ago he had meant so very much to her. Before she could control her own emotions she was sobbing her hearts out and he was now the one holding her. She wanted to fight him, but she needed him. She clung to him, despising herself for letting him comfort her. That thought alone made her pull away from him and face him once more.

She wiped her tears from her eye as he twisted his hands, wanting them in contact with her but not reaching out as she moved away. He knew her moods quite well.


"Now you have delivered your little message and done your duty you can leave," she spun round intending to walk away from him, but he grabbed her arm holding it firmly.

"You think you know what it was like for me don't you?" he hissed angrily. You think if there had been another choice I wouldn't have taken it. You think I liked having to destroy my people and watched my planet burn? Well?"

His outburst had shocked her. In all the years she had known him she had never once heard him raise his voice or get angry. Maybe she had never really known him, or understood his life.

He let go of her arm. "You think I wanted to be only one left? I did not want it like that." he leaned against the wall as anger and sorrow poured out of him. "In some ways I am glad you were not there to see what our people turned into. All I want is for you to believe me. See into my mind if you don't believe me. I will hold nothing back from you."

"Very well," she said quietly.

She pressed her hands against his head, communicating with him telepathically as a mass of images were seen: the war, the Daleks, both sides going back and forth with terrible weapons, and then Rassilion and the ultimate sanction, his plans for the universe. Finally she saw the Doctor, cradling his daughter in his arms, and finally using the moment to Time Lock the event. She saw her Doctor in pieces, totally devastated and in pain. She took her hands away. She did not need to see any more; she had seen enough.

He had no choice. "Oh Doctor," she whispered pulling him closer to her. "I am so sorry ," she whispered as both Time Lords held each other for a long moment. Romana pressed herself against his shoulder.

"Come with me Romana?" he mumbled into her hair. She was about to shake her head before realising her work here had been completed so long ago. Why not go?

He was the other half of her, and she knew it. She had missed him desperately, but could she feel what she once felt for him so long ago? Weren't they very different people now?

He brought his lips to hers and gently kissed her, as she wrapped her arms around his neck and returned the kiss. It was different kissing him in his new body but the feelings they once had for each other were still there.

She smiled at him taking his hand in hers. "Just like old times," she said looking into his eyes as he led her into the TARDIS.

They were together again, just like it was meant to be. This time it would be forever. He had his Romana back with him and Romana had her Doctor back with her. They belonged to each other and nothing could separate them ever again.

5  Fanatical For Who / Galleries, Fan Art and Fan Fiction / Return to Gallifrey on: June 21, 2011, 01:22:00 am
 set after The Apocalypse Element after Romana had spent those 20 years as a Dalek prisoner. I have used the 8th Doctor instead of the 6th

Finally the Doctor's battered old TARDIS landed within the TARDIS bay area.

The Doctor stepped out first, frowning immediately at the throng of colourfully robed bodies jostling about in front of him.

"Welcoming committee I'm afraid" he muttered, more to himself than to his companion.

He stepped aside as Romana emerged from within the darkness behind the TARDIS doors.

Gasps and whispers ran through the crowd like a strong wind rustling paper.

She squinted, scanning the crowd as if trying to make sense of everything.

The other Time Lords gazed on in amazement.

There was no doubt about it she had suffered and she sensed that the crowd could see it too. She was painfully, almost deathly thin, with pinched, sunken features and dark heavy circles around her eyes.

But what an event! No-one could miss and it and judging by the size of the throng, no-one had. Twenty years their President had gone, replaced by a series of worthless caretaker Presidents. Twenty years and no sign of her in all of time and space. Her and Etra Prime, but the Time Lords cared little for the fate of other worlds. No, their President had been their concern, well, it had been for a while anyway.

She suddenly felt overwhelmed and very small as she felt crowded by the other Time Lords. They seemed to want to get closer, to look and to gawp at her changed countenance. She tried to look harder at the faces again, but the look on her face clearly said that she regretted doing so immediately. There they all were; some sympathetic, some smug. Others were just gazing in wonder.

She wasn't sure which expression she despised more.

She frowned miserably. She was an attraction, a joke, something to be stared at. Closing her eyes she let out a sad, heavy sigh.

The Doctor was eyeing the crowd suspiciously now.

It wasn't that he didn't trust his own kind. It was just that he didn't trust them at all.

He turned to Romana, reluctant to remove his stare from the others "Well here we are home. You will help these planets won't you Romana?"

Romana looked at the floor, nodding weakly "I will Doctor. Gallifrey will never be defenceless again. We will not tolerate a Dalek race on our door step ever again." her voice shook slightly but did not crack.

It was now that the Doctor was eyeing her with suspicion. Her response sounded auto-mated, like it was what had come out of her mouth due to a button being pressed somewhere. Her response was measured and calm like she wasn't thinking, just acting on auto-pilot. That was the part that made his lips become a terse line and his forehead become etched with concern. She was far too calm for someone who had been in captivity for such a long time.

He looked into her eyes sensing an overwhelming sadness and confusion.

"Romana," he said softly "you are safe now" he continued, stroking her face gently.

He gently brushed his lips against hers and for a brief moment the universe fell away and nothing mattered. He pulled away, smiling slightly at her then looking at the crowd who had begun muttering amongst themselves.

He turned wordlessly towards the doors of the TARDIS.

His sudden movement seemed to shake Romana out of her daze "Doctor, you're not leaving surely, there is so much to be done."

There was more conviction, more emotion in her voice this time.

He smiled broadly at her.

"And I'm sure you will do it brilliantly Romana, even with Vansel here doing his best to mess up half the Planet" answered the Doctor, casually jabbing a thumb in the direction of another Time Lord.

"You have messed up half the planet before now, Doctor, and left when the clearing up needed doing." Vansel pointed out, much to the amusement of some of the others..

"I aim to please" he answered with questionable sincerity, before turning towards another Time Lord who had emerged at the front of the crowd.

"Take great care of her, Braxiatal. She's going to need some time" he said, his voice laced with seriousness and concern.

Romana had been guided away from the crowd by a garrison of her personal body guards. She marched quickly through the grand and magnificent halls and corridors to her quarters. People had stopped to look, ordered to keep well back via shouts to that affect coming from the red clad security guards lining her route.

She had followed and done as instructed. Her mind was elsewhere.

Now days had passed and she had taken to simply sitting in her vacuous living room, amongst the scarlet velvet cushions on her long, wide sofa.

She remained there, just sitting, just breathing and occasionally blinking and that was it.

Her behaviour had greatly concerned her personal staff. They had worry constantly etched on their faces as they fussed and faffed over her. They tried to sooth with their familiar voices and cajole in every way they could think of to try and make her eat or even take a bath, but nothing had worked.

She simply sat.

Her private secretary had reached the end of his resolve. There was nothing else for it than to involve someone from outside of her inner household.

He quickly assembled a white, presidential message cube and sent it on its way. It wasn't the usual method of summoning someone, but it worked quickly and efficiently.

Braxiatel arrived minutes after receiving the cube and was admitted hurriedly by the Presidents secretary.

"She just sits, doesn't eat, drink, nothing. If we try and move her ourselves, she just flops back and becomes non-compliant" frantically whispered the little Time Lord to Braxiatal.

"We don't want to force her you see" he rasped "but, well well it's like she's given up on herself, you know? Like there's a lot that needs to come out and I don't think - " he paused, glancing worriedly over in the direction of his employer "I don't think any of us are likely to get anywhere with her" he finished.

Braxiatal nodded gravely, thanked him for calling him and asked for all of the staff to leave her quarters, apart from the guards outside. Having so many people around you when you are used to solitude could not help matters, he mused.

He walked over the brilliantly polished marble floor, his shoes clicking on its gleaming surface. It had been many years since he had been inside the Presidential office, let alone the lush and opulent accommodation afforded to the President.

"Romana," he called gently as he sat closely to her, their knees touching.

She neither looked up nor acknowledged him in anyway.

"Romana, please talk to me," he tried again, hoping for something, some glimmer of recognition.

He sighed audibly and then proceeded to lay his hands either side of her thin, fragile head. He pressed his index and middle fingers onto her temples and closed his eyes.

It was considered a great insult for one Time Lord to communicate like this with the other, without complete consent from both parties. But convention could not possibly be adhered to here. Romana's well-being was too important and a psychic link had to made to communicate with her. It was the only way.

There was the corridor. All acolytes at the academy are to taught early on to have one when developing their psychic skills. It organised your thoughts for you and most importantly, it protected you. You hid your feelings and thoughts behind different 'doors' and only unlocked the ones you were happy for others to see.

Romana's corridor was a rotting, almost grotesque affair made of putrefying wood and lined with broken, damaged doors. The light was from an unknown source and was a sickly and unnerving blue shade, giving everything it touched a sad, desperate appearance.

He had seen enough.

He removed his hands from her head and instead began to wring them whilst he thought.

"It was dark. Cold you see it was dark. Nothing just fear and and and the fear." She blurted out.

"Go on" he encouraged.

"You could hear them, their never closing eyes staring in at you, just staring and boring into you. You could hear them at night. I don't know if it was night it was always so dark and empty and the noise. The screams. I didn't even know if I was making them after a while."

A tear slipped down her cheek, but she made no accompanying sobs.

"I had nothing and no-one. No food even. No light. No exercise. I wasn't just their prisoner I was, was, was what they used for torture" she closed her eyes and paused for a moment, letting her emotions calm.

"Twenty years" she began "and no-one came".

Her chin and bottom lip were trembling now and her eyes shut once more. Her breathing quickened and a horrible, ugly sob came from her tiny, emaciated frame.

Soon she was shaking and gasping with each almighty sob and she gulped in the air as she wailed and keened.

Braxiatal pursed his lips and knotted his brow.

He wasn't sure what he found more disturbing ; the fact that it had taken his people so long to find and liberate her, or the fact that this strong and capable ruler and Time Lady had been reduced to such a state.

Out of all the years he had known and taught her for, he had never once seen her cry. That inward revelation made him feel sick to his stomach. What had they done to her?

"Romana you are safe now," he spoke in a comforting, calming voice, putting his arms around her and holding her tightly. He couldn't imagine what she had being through in the last twenty years.

"Am I?" she whispered between sobs, looking at Braxiatel.

"You need some time away from the panoptican, the capital. It's too soon for you to be back here." He began, his voice unrelenting in its affirming timbre "but right now, you need to sleep."

He waited a few minutes more until her sobs had died in her throat and she was calmly breathing once more.

"Sleep" whispered Romana eventually "not even sure what that is any more".

"Come" he said rising and offered her his hand.

She looked at his proffered hand and then after a moment of hesitation, placed her small bony hand inside its warm grasp.

He gently pulled her to her feet, but seconds after her knees quavered and she sank back down into the cushions below.

"I'm sorry " she began, utterly surprise seizing her reduce visage.

"Do not worry my lady" he smiled "allow me" and with that he gently lifted her off the sofa and carried her across the long room, past the tall and ornate windows that left in the soft afternoon light and towards her chamber.

He opened the ornate doors using his elbow on the handle and entered.

He lay her softly onto the bed, pulling a blanket over her slight form.

He crossed to the window and pulled across the curtain, blocking out the golden orange light coming through and then returned to her side.

Her eyes were already shut, but he sensed that she had not yet abandoned herself to unconsciousness yet.

"Sleep" he whispered, so softly that it could have been mistaken for a breeze.

He waited a moment and saw her visibly relax. When he was certain that she was asleep, he noiselessly left the room, closing the door with just as much care.

Braxiatel would get her away as soon as she woke she was after all still his president and he would do anything for his former student, his President.

6  Fanatical For Who / Galleries, Fan Art and Fan Fiction / Healing broken hearts on: June 21, 2011, 01:16:27 am
Pairing Irving Braxiatel/Romana

It felt like everyone had gone and everything had changed.

Romana sat silently, tilling the ground of her memory, reliving past horrors and loses, making them real again for just a moment.

She had become close to Narvin during her time on the alternative Gallifrey and lamented the loss of all she had lost on that Gallifrey, as she glanced at Narvin, sitting next to her.

She had lost Braxiatel, the Doctor and even K9. She had once been told, probably by the Doctor, that if you remember someone then they are never truly gone. She tried hard to force their memories to the front of her mind, making them appear as lucidly and vividly as she could.

Narvin had got used to Romana's silences.

He knew she thought an awful lot, but the memories she was clearly replaying in her head were changing her face to match her inner struggle. The awful fact was that this silent reverie had lasted for a very long time.

He reached out with unsure fingers and gently touched her face, wishing he could simply magic away her pain. It was clear to all but her that her condition was worsening. She refused to eat these days, making her emaciated and drawn. He was watching his former President grow thinner and paler each day. What could he do? He couldn't reach her, nor could her staff. She had very few allies in the capital, that was a fact. Not even Leela's return could divert her away from her slow and terrible crawl towards her own demise.

Narvin was beside himself; if only she would snap out this terrible daze she seemed to be in, just for a moment. He'd even settle for her shouting at him, telling him she hated him. Just anything, some scrap from her table, just an utterance to show she hadn't completely given in to her own swirling abyss of misery.

It was almost like she was still very much grieving for Braxiatel and the Doctor. Losing the Doctor all those years ago had been hard for her, but her most recent loss of losing Braxiatel had pushed her over the edge. He knew her too well to suspect anything else. Would she ever recover? He tried taking care of her himself, mainly to give himself the satisfaction of knowing she was fine. He had been checking up on her so frequently, that there had been little point not caring for her himself.

Then, of course, came the crashing realisation that she had been causing him too many moments of longings, for a reason he loved her.

When he first came to that conclusion he had been incredibly annoyed with himself for being so selfish and sparing thoughts on his own issues rather than concentrating on hers. This in turn only went further in cementing his realisation that he was indeed, a prisoner to her and that prison was love.

Ever since he had admitted it to himself, he had redoubled his actions in caring for her. He was fiercely protective of her too, refusing to even allow close allies to even address her. He knew his behaviour was without logic, but then, he didn't feel like he was capable of operating within the realms of logic with this unrequited feelings smashing about his body, fizzing and foaming like the surf on a beach.

When they had been trapped on the alternative Gallifrey, they had indeed grown closer.

He had remembered after losing Braxiatel, how Romana had screamed and cried. The pain she felt and how she had directed it all at him. He had held her and comforted her, dealing with her nightmares when she had awoken screaming. The only word on her lips was 'Brax', uttered in horror over and over again. He had tried his best to match Braxiatel's skills to care for his former president, to advise her like Braxiatel would have done but he found himself falling in love with her instead. He frequently cursed himself, cursed her and even Braxiatel's sacrifice. He was so sure he had done that for Romana, but Romana had given up on life, nothing could console her.

They had shared a kiss days ago, something that was now keeping him from finding repose. She had been clinging to him as she suddenly grabbed him, kissing him for a moment. He had kissed her back without a second thought, before she had pulled away with a look of sorrow in her eyes, as if she regretted it.

Narvin had taken that sad look to mean that she had day-dreamed that she was with Braxiatel perhaps and she was kissing him in her mind, not Narvin.

He doubted their kiss meant anything to her, making him want to kick himself for taking advantage of his former President's emotion state. How could he have been so stupid to think she would have looked twice at him?

"Romana", he said sharply, his voice edged with frustration "you have to snap out of this!"

He gripped her shoulders forcing her to look at him but she stared straight through him as if she was already gone herself. "You have got to move on. He is gone Romana, he is not coming back".

A voice came from behind, startling him "I wouldn't be too sure about that," he spun round to see Braxiatel.

He stood there, looking intense and noble in the dappled rays of the morning sunshine that poured through the high windows.

Narvin gaped.

It couldn't be, not after all this time. Surely.

He crossed the room towards Romana, who was sitting there, tears streaming from her wide and disbelieving eyes.

He ushered Narvin out of the way with a simple, but commanding waft of his hand. Narvin obeyed immediately, his brain on auto-pilot as he tried to negotiate what had just happened.

"How have you got her in this state?" Braxiatel demanded as he sat down next to Romana.

"Romana," he said softly taking her hand and softening the look in his eyes as he took in her ashen face,

"Brax," she whispered, her brow knitted into a riddle of confusion. He pressed his lips to hers, kissing her softly, before resting his forehead against hers.

Within moments, she was kissing him with quick and urgent dabs of her lips all over his face, as if she was trying to substantiate his existence. Pulling away, he wiped all her tears from her face with his long, slender fingers.

"I saw you fall," she began to say, her voice cracking, "through the time vortex."

"I managed to escape it" he began, looking at her with a medley of joy and concern. "Took me a while though" he continued "I came back for you". He quietly looked into Romana' eyes as he summed up the state she was in.

"I'm sorry" he began, letting out a low, sad sigh and wrapping his arms around her.

She rested her head on his shoulder, her hair flopping forwards and covering her face from Narvin's view.

"Brax I need."

"Tell me," he said, as his hearts started racing in his chest, he could feel hers had been slowing down for quite some time as if his death had shattered her own hearts.

"I love you," she whispered as she nuzzled into the fabric covering his shoulder. "I should have told you a long time ago. I realised when you were falling through time and space. How stupid of me to realise then!"

She berated herself and squeezing her eyes together to try and stem the tide of pain that was threatening to come in and over throw her senses once more.

He pressed his lips against hers once more before finally uttering four words: "I love you too."

All the while, Narvin stood watching.

A million white-hot knives stabbed into his soul, let alone his hearts.

Why had Braxiatel come back? Why had his own desires been extinguished in place of someone who was meant to be dead!

Every breath for Narvin hurt and he wanted to stumble backwards against a wall in order to garner some sort of support to keep him upright. He tried to just concentrate on his breathing.

She was happy and that had to be enough for him, especially if he truly loved her, right?

But it wasn't enough; it was very, very nowhere near enough for him.

7  Fanatical For Who / Galleries, Fan Art and Fan Fiction / An unexpected proposal on: June 21, 2011, 01:13:39 am
Pairing Irving Braxiatel/Romana

"We are in an alternative universe," Braxiatel stated, "closed off from the rest of the universe".

"So we are trapped then?" Romana said looking desolately at Braxiatel as he gave a weak, insecure smile to her.

"Might be quite nice out here" he shrugged, looking around as if he was viewing a potential home.

"It might be," said Romana feeling unsure.

So far it had been anything but nice. Romana had already lost Leela, K9 and then her Co-ordinator. She was told he never made it through the surgery, that fact made her want to cry. Of course she knew that had not been the truth, they had killed him and stolen all his regenerations leaving him unable to regenerate. Tears filled her eyes now as she pressed herself into Braxiatal's shoulder and broke down. He gently held her trying to comfort her; he simply hated seeing her in such despair. Finally after a few calming breaths she pulled away and wiped her tears from her eyes.

They were standing opposite each other, Braxiatel reaching over to and taking Romana's hand.

"Don't worry, I will take care of you" he said, pressing a kiss to her forehead.

"Trust me," he said softly and of course she did - he had always taken care of her and looked out for her.

She gave him a weak smile to placate him for now. She had never planned to be trapped in an alternative universe and she was growing tired of all these different and corrupted Gallifrey's she had come across. In fact, she almost wanted to cry with frustration and anguish. It was like she was some kind of fugitive, running from one reality to another. She knew though, deep down, that if she was to be trapped she would rather it was with Braxiatel than any other Time Lord.

"If only I had a white horse it would be my privilege to carry you off into the sunset and take you somewhere where it could just be the two of us. I just want you to be safe, to be happy again" he said lightly.

The mood between them had been so quiet and solemn these past few days, as if their endless wanderings were wearing them both thin. Braxiatal knew that he would do anything to make her smile and his little comment just then had rewarded him with a small curl at the sides of her mouth.

A glimmer of a smile would have to do, but it wasn't enough if only he could make her laugh! That beautiful sound that filled him with delight; he would rip out his own hearts if it equalled her happiness.

"Braxiatel?" she asked, giving him a questioning look.

He had never hinted at anything between them before and he bit at his bottom lip before speaking.

"Call me Irving" he paused, looking at Romana. "You must have suspected my feelings for you"

He heard himself say, as an icy torrent of feelings stabbed at his gut.

Doubt, regret, guilt all welled up inside him at the exact same time and he was barely able to stop the emotions from shifting his features in a way that would expose them.

He looked her full in the face, his gaze questioning everything about her and reading into every movement of her features.

"Well, no not really" she said honestly "I can't say I have ever thought about you that way, if I'm honest".

Her words hung there between them like a diving wall.

Romana blushed furiously and looked down, suddenly taking a huge interest in her hands.

She summoned some courage to look him in the eye, where a sad sort of aura seemed to have possessed him now. She knew he was feeling awkward and dejected making her want to throw her arms around him.

She looked into Braxiatal's deep dark eyes, but if she was really honest she had thought once he felt something for her, but he never came out and even hinted he felt any more than friendship for her.

Her feelings for him were complicated - he was the Doctor's brother for starters and she could not just start a relationship with him no matter how she felt and besides, she had been President.

Could she really allow herself to love someone so highly revered in her own society? It had been deemed an honour to be tutored by him all those years before. As she had grown older, she had always seen him as someone so sacrosanct and untouchable that it made any thoughts of deepening that relationship wrong.

She looked at him thoughtfully, but he frowned at her.

"Romana, would you find it in your hearts to allow me the enormous pleasure in taking your hand in marriage" he rattled out as though he was reciting a quote from a book.

"Sorry, what?" she stumbled "what did you just say?"

"Please say you will." Braxiatel pleaded holding her arm.

"I'm not sure," she managed to say "I mean, don't we have to be in love with each other first? Well, at the very least" she said. She instantly regretted her words and bit her lip. Her inner voice continued to speak to her though - why not? Surely you deserve to be happy too? Why can't you be happy with him? He's not his brother, he will not abandon you.

"It's all so sudden, so unexpected," she could only say, of course it wasn't all that unexpected. All those late calls to her office, all the times he turned up for no reason. The times they almost kissed.

The times Romana had laid awake in her own bed thinking about her Cardinal. She knew she couldn't deny that fact and the blush returned to her face, delicately painting its pink hue over her nose and cheeks.

"Romana," he said her name again snapping her out of her thoughts.

"I need time to think", think why did she need to think? She did love him, didn't she? She had put everyone and everything before her own happiness hadn't she every time? Made excuses of why she could not have love.

"Romana say you will" he urged her for a decision, wringing his hands as though it was giving them something to do as they wanted to be somewhere else.

On her face, her shoulders, anywhere as long as they were in contact with her.

"Don't rush me Braxiatel, it's just, well, it's just a bit sudden" she said quietly.

"But it's not as though you've dismissed me and instantly said no. If you had no feelings for me, you would have denied me instinctively. You're thinking about it and I know, deep down, I've awakened a dark, passionate side to you that wants to be free. Be with me, forever".

Her mouth opened to respond, but he had her and she knew it. How could she look into those beautiful, dark eyes and lie to him? She could not say no, she couldn't deny the feelings he awoke deep within her.

She felt comfortable and happy with the Doctor and she rejoiced in his child-like wonder at everything at her, at the Universe. It was refreshing, but Braxiatel? He was the right side of danger and she had found it impossible to sleep on several occasions just lying there thinking about the passion that ached within her.

She closed her eyes for a moment and remembered the time she had desperately wanted him to take the initiative and arrive in her chambers at night and take her for himself. She knew it was wrong, but Gallifrey did not own that piece of her that thought only of him, it didn't own the need she had for him or her feelings.

Yes, she did have feelings for him but love? Enough to commit to him for the rest of her life? Right now, she knew it did not matter. Braxiatel had been untouchable and that had made him dangerous and now he was hers for the taking, she had the opportunity to indulge in that danger and lose herself in it forever.

It was too delicious an opportunity to turn away.

She felt one of his arms wrap around her waist and another around her shoulders, from behind. He buried his face in the soft yielding flesh at the base of her neck, kissing his way up to her jaw. She turned her head to one side to grant him further access to her soft, ivory skin.

She shivered from the thrill of his touch and turned her face as he reached her cheek, to meet his lips. They kissed with such fervour that it confirmed to them both that her feelings where as rich and as wondrous as his.

Finally after pulling apart she looked up at him and smiled at him. "The answer is yes, I will marry you."

Braxiatel smiled at her they were each other's now and forever
8  Fanatical For Who / Galleries, Fan Art and Fan Fiction / Six Minutes on: June 18, 2011, 10:46:33 pm
Characters/Pairing: The Doctor,Braxiatel with mentions of Romana

Rating: PG

In six minutes you can start a war, destroy an entire species and become known as a Destroyer of Worlds.

It only took six minutes for Gallifrey to be infested with the free time virus as it ran amok on the planet's surface. It took even less time for Gallifrey to be overrun with zombies after the infected Time Lords regenerated.

Gallifrey had been at war before but this was a conflict that could not be won by raising an army and heading into battle in the more conventional sense. There were too many fronts to fight in too many different ways and Gallifrey, to the horror of all, had fallen.

As the free time virus ravaged the planet, now over run by zombies, Braxiatel and Romana had fled the planet in search of a cure. They were doomed and they knew it, but both lamented how great Gallifrey had once been, but now this. They had been invaded by the Daleks who had slaughtered the Time Lords in the capital; their screams echoed across the universe for a saviour, their saviour: Rassilon. He had been the worst possible choice; he had killed hundreds of Time Lords, despite all of Gallifrey thinking he was their redeemer.

After releasing his mind from the Dark Tower and providing him with a new form, he played with the lives of countless Gallifreyan's as though they were disposable toys simply there to meet his personal ends. As he spoke of the final sanction, Romana had spoken against him, a mistake that she paid for with her life.

Six minutes and Brax's world as he knew it came tumbling down before him and only one word was on his lips Romana.

Why her? Was he so blinded by his own vanity and lust for war-mongering that he could not see that the universe could not function without her in it? Why? Why someone so beautiful that the stars feared to shine in her direction as the light may detract from her great beauty?

The rage bubbling within Brax's broken soul, let alone his hearts, was insummountable. The 'Abomination' that he, Leela, Romana, Narvin and even K9 had decided to refer to Rassilon as after hearing another great Time Lord refer to him as it, was too powerful.

But was he powerful enough to endure the terrible anger and pain now brewing within Brax? He thought not.

Six minutes. That was all. Just a tiny space of time and six minutes ago she was there, alive, breathing, her beautiful hearts beating. She had been planning to get people out alive, she had the foresight the Abomonation who slayed her lacked.

The news had spread throughout the world and no doubt, throughout the quadrant that she was dead. People were, right now, just hearing, he imagined. They too were feeling the unbearable and gaping hole in their hearts too.

But not like him.

No, no-one could ever feel the acuteness of this boiling, burning agony like he did, because no-one loved her like he did.

It had only taken moments for Romana to die. It may have been quick but not painless. Brax had heard Romana's blood curdling screams as she was murdered. He had been too far away to help her. He should have stayed at her side! Now she was gone forever! Bitter, stinging regret jabbed with icy barbs at his gut and his breaking hearts. Why did he go? Why didn't he at least take her with him? He was only on an errand for her, he didn't have to be away.

Why? That was all that swirled around his mind as the white-hot pain spilled over, making him grip tightly at his chest as though his hearts where about to explode out of his chest.

"Brax" said a voice, far off on the periphery of his mind.

"What! Go away!" came his reply. He heard his voice say, but even speaking had managed to some how excel his pain. His eyes were tight shut and his back against the wall.

The familiar voice was closer now "Brax" it said again, in a sad but oddly soothing voice.

Brax opened his eyes, meeting those of his brothers.

"I just heard. An accident the High Council are trying to spin, but I know Romana, she's never had an accident in all the days I've known her"

Brax couldn't respond, his voice had gone and he didn't have the strength to try and use it.

"I know she means, I won't use the past tense. No. She means a lot to me, but you " he sighed painfully, placing a hand on Brax's shoulder.

"She meant more".

"Go away Doctor" Brax managed, breathing hard to try and control himself.

"The end of the world is here, so we don't really need to use aliases. I've never really been able to acknowledge you have I?" said the Doctor sadly.

"Yes well" snapped Brax "that hardly matters now "

"You're right Irving" said the Doctor "but right now, you need someone. I can't see what else we can do without Romana now. There is no hope, she had such plans..." his voice trailed off.

Brax let out a heavy, soul-wrenching sob, but before he could raise his hands to his face, his younger brother pulled him into a solid and warm embrace.

Brax wanted to pull away and chastise him, but then he didn't have the strength anymore.

He remembered being young, on Gallifrey, where he had grown up. He had been playing space balls an old Gallifrey game, with his little brother whilst his mother was inside. It was his turn to pitch the ball, but had thrown it too hard, hitting his younger brother solidly on the top of his head. He felt guilty for hurting him, although unintentionally, and awkwardly found himself holding the young, crying boy in his arms like his mother did, eventually stemming his tears.

Now he was the one crying uncontrollably into his little brothers arms, as his hearts broke into a million pieces with the loss of the most beautiful creature he had ever known... Romana

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