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An unexpected proposal

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Author Topic: An unexpected proposal  (Read 88 times)
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« on: June 21, 2011, 01:13:39 am »

Pairing Irving Braxiatel/Romana

"We are in an alternative universe," Braxiatel stated, "closed off from the rest of the universe".

"So we are trapped then?" Romana said looking desolately at Braxiatel as he gave a weak, insecure smile to her.

"Might be quite nice out here" he shrugged, looking around as if he was viewing a potential home.

"It might be," said Romana feeling unsure.

So far it had been anything but nice. Romana had already lost Leela, K9 and then her Co-ordinator. She was told he never made it through the surgery, that fact made her want to cry. Of course she knew that had not been the truth, they had killed him and stolen all his regenerations leaving him unable to regenerate. Tears filled her eyes now as she pressed herself into Braxiatal's shoulder and broke down. He gently held her trying to comfort her; he simply hated seeing her in such despair. Finally after a few calming breaths she pulled away and wiped her tears from her eyes.

They were standing opposite each other, Braxiatel reaching over to and taking Romana's hand.

"Don't worry, I will take care of you" he said, pressing a kiss to her forehead.

"Trust me," he said softly and of course she did - he had always taken care of her and looked out for her.

She gave him a weak smile to placate him for now. She had never planned to be trapped in an alternative universe and she was growing tired of all these different and corrupted Gallifrey's she had come across. In fact, she almost wanted to cry with frustration and anguish. It was like she was some kind of fugitive, running from one reality to another. She knew though, deep down, that if she was to be trapped she would rather it was with Braxiatel than any other Time Lord.

"If only I had a white horse it would be my privilege to carry you off into the sunset and take you somewhere where it could just be the two of us. I just want you to be safe, to be happy again" he said lightly.

The mood between them had been so quiet and solemn these past few days, as if their endless wanderings were wearing them both thin. Braxiatal knew that he would do anything to make her smile and his little comment just then had rewarded him with a small curl at the sides of her mouth.

A glimmer of a smile would have to do, but it wasn't enough if only he could make her laugh! That beautiful sound that filled him with delight; he would rip out his own hearts if it equalled her happiness.

"Braxiatel?" she asked, giving him a questioning look.

He had never hinted at anything between them before and he bit at his bottom lip before speaking.

"Call me Irving" he paused, looking at Romana. "You must have suspected my feelings for you"

He heard himself say, as an icy torrent of feelings stabbed at his gut.

Doubt, regret, guilt all welled up inside him at the exact same time and he was barely able to stop the emotions from shifting his features in a way that would expose them.

He looked her full in the face, his gaze questioning everything about her and reading into every movement of her features.

"Well, no not really" she said honestly "I can't say I have ever thought about you that way, if I'm honest".

Her words hung there between them like a diving wall.

Romana blushed furiously and looked down, suddenly taking a huge interest in her hands.

She summoned some courage to look him in the eye, where a sad sort of aura seemed to have possessed him now. She knew he was feeling awkward and dejected making her want to throw her arms around him.

She looked into Braxiatal's deep dark eyes, but if she was really honest she had thought once he felt something for her, but he never came out and even hinted he felt any more than friendship for her.

Her feelings for him were complicated - he was the Doctor's brother for starters and she could not just start a relationship with him no matter how she felt and besides, she had been President.

Could she really allow herself to love someone so highly revered in her own society? It had been deemed an honour to be tutored by him all those years before. As she had grown older, she had always seen him as someone so sacrosanct and untouchable that it made any thoughts of deepening that relationship wrong.

She looked at him thoughtfully, but he frowned at her.

"Romana, would you find it in your hearts to allow me the enormous pleasure in taking your hand in marriage" he rattled out as though he was reciting a quote from a book.

"Sorry, what?" she stumbled "what did you just say?"

"Please say you will." Braxiatel pleaded holding her arm.

"I'm not sure," she managed to say "I mean, don't we have to be in love with each other first? Well, at the very least" she said. She instantly regretted her words and bit her lip. Her inner voice continued to speak to her though - why not? Surely you deserve to be happy too? Why can't you be happy with him? He's not his brother, he will not abandon you.

"It's all so sudden, so unexpected," she could only say, of course it wasn't all that unexpected. All those late calls to her office, all the times he turned up for no reason. The times they almost kissed.

The times Romana had laid awake in her own bed thinking about her Cardinal. She knew she couldn't deny that fact and the blush returned to her face, delicately painting its pink hue over her nose and cheeks.

"Romana," he said her name again snapping her out of her thoughts.

"I need time to think", think why did she need to think? She did love him, didn't she? She had put everyone and everything before her own happiness hadn't she every time? Made excuses of why she could not have love.

"Romana say you will" he urged her for a decision, wringing his hands as though it was giving them something to do as they wanted to be somewhere else.

On her face, her shoulders, anywhere as long as they were in contact with her.

"Don't rush me Braxiatel, it's just, well, it's just a bit sudden" she said quietly.

"But it's not as though you've dismissed me and instantly said no. If you had no feelings for me, you would have denied me instinctively. You're thinking about it and I know, deep down, I've awakened a dark, passionate side to you that wants to be free. Be with me, forever".

Her mouth opened to respond, but he had her and she knew it. How could she look into those beautiful, dark eyes and lie to him? She could not say no, she couldn't deny the feelings he awoke deep within her.

She felt comfortable and happy with the Doctor and she rejoiced in his child-like wonder at everything at her, at the Universe. It was refreshing, but Braxiatel? He was the right side of danger and she had found it impossible to sleep on several occasions just lying there thinking about the passion that ached within her.

She closed her eyes for a moment and remembered the time she had desperately wanted him to take the initiative and arrive in her chambers at night and take her for himself. She knew it was wrong, but Gallifrey did not own that piece of her that thought only of him, it didn't own the need she had for him or her feelings.

Yes, she did have feelings for him but love? Enough to commit to him for the rest of her life? Right now, she knew it did not matter. Braxiatel had been untouchable and that had made him dangerous and now he was hers for the taking, she had the opportunity to indulge in that danger and lose herself in it forever.

It was too delicious an opportunity to turn away.

She felt one of his arms wrap around her waist and another around her shoulders, from behind. He buried his face in the soft yielding flesh at the base of her neck, kissing his way up to her jaw. She turned her head to one side to grant him further access to her soft, ivory skin.

She shivered from the thrill of his touch and turned her face as he reached her cheek, to meet his lips. They kissed with such fervour that it confirmed to them both that her feelings where as rich and as wondrous as his.

Finally after pulling apart she looked up at him and smiled at him. "The answer is yes, I will marry you."

Braxiatel smiled at her they were each other's now and forever
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