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April 25, 2019, 10:46:11 pm
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Rip open E-space and get Romana

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Author Topic: Rip open E-space and get Romana  (Read 93 times)
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« on: June 21, 2011, 01:25:38 am »

A/N Basically Romana never went back to Gallifrey and stayed in E-space and didn't become President, and knew nothing of the Time war until the Doctor turns up.


Its not like he had forgot about Romana. He knew she was still alive out there in that pocket universe. He thought about going to see her but always thought better of it. They were different people now, she did not need him she had her life and he had no place in it. He was a fool for leaving it so long and he knew it. Romanadvoratrelundar - his beautiful amazing, brilliant Romana - nobody had even come close to the way he felt about her and he doubted anyone ever could. Romana was his everything and when he left her in that pocket universe his life had never been the same.

But then the Time War happened. Now she was the only other one left and it was his responsibility to tell her. Once there had been something between them. Had she left because she no longer needed him? No she had always been her own person, her own Romana, his brilliant amazing Romana; the one who could fly the TARDIS better than him, who made her own sonic screwdriver that was so more advanced than his, she was his other half his one true love, his soul mate.

They had only ended up in E-space by accident; could it happen again? Could he rip open E-space and get Romana? Why not he thought to himself, let's go get her he said to the TARDIS, who didn't need telling twice as she started off on her own.


A sudden whooshing and groaning noise took Romana by surprise; there was only one thing which made that noise. It was a sound she had not heard it in decades (not that time meant anything to a Time Lord). She stepped back as the TARDIS materialised in front of her.

Within seconds the door swung open and there he stood. He had changed the silly grin and endless scarf were gone. He looked different younger. Her pale green eyes widened as he approached her.

They had both changed in appearance since the last time they had seen each other. He had loved her second body and her soft spirit. She still looked gorgeous to him, with her beautiful green eyes and deep mahogany coloured hair falling past her shoulders. He could see she was taking in his own changed appearance as she twisted her hair round her delicate fingers.

He had a mop of soft, chestnut curls that tumbled down his neck and stopped just above his shoulders. His face was quite astonishingly handsome. His eyes were blue, so blue that Romana thought they could easily blend in with every shade in the sky: navy blue, light blue, aquamarine, turquoise, you name it. She knew it had to be dumbest thing she had ever thought. The Doctor was the other half of herself and all she could think about was his eyes.

"Romana," he said softly, and she winced at the pain in his eyes. His clothes were bloodied and she wondered what could have happened to him. Before she could speak he broke down before her in floods of tears.

She never once saw the Doctor cry, and this fact scared her it had to be something so terrible for him to cry in front of her. She wrapped him in a solid embrace and held him until he was ready to talk. She could feel he was in such pain and wondered what had caused it. Finally after many spans he pulled away.

"They are gone Romana. The Time Lords are gone."

"Doctor?" she gave him a questioning look. How can all her people be gone Romana thought to herself. They were the most mighty race in the universe; they weren't called Time Lords for nothing.

"They was a war, the last great time war with the Daleks and we lost, lost everything."

A tear slipped down her face. "Gallifrey," she whispered She hadn't wanted to return, but she had never wanted this. She sank down to the floor in grief. All she had ever known, her own people, were all gone. Only the Doctor survived.

Her bottom lip started to tremble before she too was overcome with emotions and started to cry, something the Doctor had never seen in her either.

"I had to Time lock it," he explained as if he needed to justify his actions to her. "I was given the chance to end it and I took it." But by now she was no longer listening; her hearts were shattering into a million pieces.


The Time Lord in front of her was the destroyer of her world. He was a murderer. He's no better than the Daleks she mused, but he was still one of her people.

She could not bear to look at him. He was a destroyer of an entire race. How low had her Doctor sunk? She wanted no part of him near her.

"Romana, please say something," he pleaded. He knew she was thinking; she kept uttering the word Gallifrey over and over as she cried.

Finally getting to her feet she turned on him as he had expected. "What gives you the right to play God? How dare you!"

"Romana, please if they had been another way..."

"You are the Doctor, were the Doctor; you have no right to that name any longer! You were the Doctor who fixed things that made them all right."

He looked sadly at her. "Not always," he said quietly.

"Then what is the point of you!" she spat angrily, directing all her anger towards him. For a moment he thought maybe she was right to.

She had never felt so alone. She and the Doctor were the last Time Lords in the universe. Once such a long time ago he had meant so very much to her. Before she could control her own emotions she was sobbing her hearts out and he was now the one holding her. She wanted to fight him, but she needed him. She clung to him, despising herself for letting him comfort her. That thought alone made her pull away from him and face him once more.

She wiped her tears from her eye as he twisted his hands, wanting them in contact with her but not reaching out as she moved away. He knew her moods quite well.


"Now you have delivered your little message and done your duty you can leave," she spun round intending to walk away from him, but he grabbed her arm holding it firmly.

"You think you know what it was like for me don't you?" he hissed angrily. You think if there had been another choice I wouldn't have taken it. You think I liked having to destroy my people and watched my planet burn? Well?"

His outburst had shocked her. In all the years she had known him she had never once heard him raise his voice or get angry. Maybe she had never really known him, or understood his life.

He let go of her arm. "You think I wanted to be only one left? I did not want it like that." he leaned against the wall as anger and sorrow poured out of him. "In some ways I am glad you were not there to see what our people turned into. All I want is for you to believe me. See into my mind if you don't believe me. I will hold nothing back from you."

"Very well," she said quietly.

She pressed her hands against his head, communicating with him telepathically as a mass of images were seen: the war, the Daleks, both sides going back and forth with terrible weapons, and then Rassilion and the ultimate sanction, his plans for the universe. Finally she saw the Doctor, cradling his daughter in his arms, and finally using the moment to Time Lock the event. She saw her Doctor in pieces, totally devastated and in pain. She took her hands away. She did not need to see any more; she had seen enough.

He had no choice. "Oh Doctor," she whispered pulling him closer to her. "I am so sorry ," she whispered as both Time Lords held each other for a long moment. Romana pressed herself against his shoulder.

"Come with me Romana?" he mumbled into her hair. She was about to shake her head before realising her work here had been completed so long ago. Why not go?

He was the other half of her, and she knew it. She had missed him desperately, but could she feel what she once felt for him so long ago? Weren't they very different people now?

He brought his lips to hers and gently kissed her, as she wrapped her arms around his neck and returned the kiss. It was different kissing him in his new body but the feelings they once had for each other were still there.

She smiled at him taking his hand in hers. "Just like old times," she said looking into his eyes as he led her into the TARDIS.

They were together again, just like it was meant to be. This time it would be forever. He had his Romana back with him and Romana had her Doctor back with her. They belonged to each other and nothing could separate them ever again.

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