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April 25, 2019, 10:45:04 pm
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Introductions (Crackfic)

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Author Topic: Introductions (Crackfic)  (Read 113 times)
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« on: June 25, 2011, 11:20:01 pm »

So, I haven't had time to finish the one I've been working on, so I've dug out an old crack!fic written around the same time as my other 2 (The ones I actually love and entered last year for this, still love Grin )

So it's set in 2008, but from the viewpoint of 2010? Before Series 5... I wrote it ages ago, tis all I know... It's a joke piece really, contains Doctor Who, real life, me and Torchwood... I've matured since then Tongue (Not to mention slightly paradoxical)

Via a CCTV screen a team sat watching the girl. She was blonde and had been sitting opposite the water-tower for 3hours. Just sitting cross-legged watching the water cascade down. A camcorder resting in her lap. The screen went fuzzy and blacked out. They set about looking for a source.

Outside the girl looked up, a strange sound had just started, kind of earthly, alien and capturing the rhythm of life and existence. A light appeared flashing, the camcorder started to record, slowly a box groaned into existence.

"I should post this" she muttered standing up and stretching "tell the guild, spread the word..." However, she marched up to the door and banged on it. After a second it was wrenched open. A tall dark haired man looked out; he was wearing a Victorian style suit in blue velvet which looked like it was styled for a much smaller man. Noticing the girl looking, he pulled the sleeves down.

"Can I help you?"
"I'm a fan of you, best regeneration I think."
"What? You know I've only been in this form 2hours."
"Oh, spoilers" She looked awkward "Can I come in?"
"I suppose so, yeah" he stood back and she entered
"It's better but smaller in real life"
"What?!?" He slammed his hand on the console and the TARDIS lurched and dematerialised, landed heavily making them both fall. The Doctor hit his head on the console as he got up "Ow! That's extremely not very good!! I don't take insults well and neither does she!" He pointed to the middle of the console

"We've materialised somewhere nearby, its 2008, who's that man?"
"That's Russell T Davies!"
"And who's he?"
"Oh, erm, a writer"

The girl opened the door and walked out, she noticed figurines of Torchwood characters on the side. Jack was standing over a fallen Ianto, the rest pushed to one side. Gwen standing by a computer, the screen saver Jack and Gwen.

"Die" A sound of gas escaping "Die" He giggles.
"No! That's not fair!!"

RTD turned around. "Who are you then? A faithful viewer?"

"Mostly! My name is Rebecca and you will receive a lot of grief in the next couple of years. I mean CoE?! Outrageous and the partnership with America? Oh and let us not mention the specials next year!!"
RTD looked confused.

"Oh, spoilers, nice meeting you....I love Ianto!! But Jack is the best!!" she grinned madly and stepped over to the TARDIS "456? Gar!"
Behind her RTD began to play with the Ianto/Jack scene in Children of Earth.

The TARDIS materialised by the water-tower and Becca stepped out. "Right, don't forget, Autons, London, 2005, Henriks. And I didn't tell you! Come visit won't you?" She shook The Doctors hand, smiled and skipped over to where she was sitting before.
The TARDIS dematerialised and the local CCTV switched on.
"Look! She's still there!"
"Well, maybe someone should go talk to her!"
"She might know nothing though!"
"Owen! She could know something about Jack."
"You mean like a messenger?"
"Right, Ianto you have a good point. So who wants to go speak to her?"
"Well, I don't mind."
"Go on then Ianto, don't mention Jack though."
"Am I the only one who can see a flaw in this plan?"
"No Owen, but it's not like we want you going up there."
"Yes thanks Tosh."
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