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June 25, 2021, 05:26:49 am
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Favorite Companions

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Author Topic: Favorite Companions  (Read 36 times)
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« on: June 26, 2011, 07:31:34 am »

We all have our favourite companions. And we all have a reason for that. Sometimes it's something they did, sometimes it's just because they were our first. Here I will list all the new series companions (I don't know enough about the old series to talk about them...) and talk about where I think they rank and why. Feel free to reorder them as you see fit.

(I didn't actually keep track of points. This is completely opinionated)

10) Martha Jones

A lot of people like Martha Jones. However, she showed the Master his fobwatch, allowing him to take over Earth. Plus Minus points for that. Also, she willingly left... minus points for lack of loyalty. Still, she did help to save the hospital on the moon, so plus a few points for that.

9)  Sarah Jane Smith

I said I wouldn't count old series. But she's in a few of the episodes I've watched, and was in a few new episodes, just not as a companion. Minus points for marrying a computer (not that I should complain, I actually ended up engaged to cleverbot once. Shocked Bit of a long story).  plus points for having your own show.

8 ) Mickey Smith

I know he hardly counts, but I needed the number up to ten. And yes, I just dared to put Mickey above a real companion  Tongue. Well, Mickey was able to put up with travelling with his ex, as well as the person who his ex left him for. Plus points. Also, he filled in for k9. Plus points. Minus points for whining about being the tin dog.

7)Amy Pond

I know people are going to hate me for putting Amy so low. I didn't hate her or anything, just... she didn't seem all that great. Nothing to give points for, nothing to take points for. Oh wait. One second. Minus points for pushing Rory around and trying to cheat on him. But plus points for getting the Doctor to the right place and time to fight of the Atraxi. And minus points for forgetting the awesome evil Daleks

6)River Song

River is constantly one-upping the Doctor. Minus points. Still, she's done some pretty serious stuff, like saving Ten in Forest of the Dead. So plus a bunch of points for that.

5) The Half-Human Doctor

again, hardly counts. But I was short on people, and he was a companion for an episode. Plus points for being my favourite Doctor and third favourite companion at the same time! minus Plus points for saving universe from Daleks. Minus points for not counting as a real companion.

4) Captain Jack Harkness

Jack wasn't really a companion as he wasn't there for a whole season, but the list is short and he was there for five episodes then back for three more, then appeared again for an episode, which sorta almost makes a season, so I'm throwing him in. He sent the Doctor to the end of the universe by jumping onto the T.A.R.D.I.S., allowing Martha to show the Master his fobwatch, so plus minus points there. He also put the world in danger of gas mask zombies during WWII, so minus points there... but he helped save the world from Daleks... twice... so minus plus points there. Also, plus points for just being Jack. (I said this was opinionated)

3) Donna Noble

Donna saved the Doctor's life the first time she met him. Plus points. She saved a few people in Pompeii. Plus points. She also stopped the universe from Daleks by becoming the Doctor Donna. Plus points for saving universe, minus plus points for defeating Daleks.

2) Rose Tyler

Saving the universe from Daleks, minus plus points. Making Jack immortal, plus points. Saving the universe from Daleks again, minus plus more points. Being able to scare a creature that is supposed to be incapable of fear, plus points. Helping again to save the universe from Daleks, minus plus points again. Joining U.N.I.T. to find the Doctor even though you're in another dimension, plus a lot of points.

1) Rory Williams

Loyalty to someone who keeps trying to cheat on you. Plus points. Waiting two thousand years for said person. Plus points. Travelling around with said person and the person they tried to cheat on you with. Plus points. Figuring out the T.A.R.D.I.S. first time entering. Plus points. Being able to be discribed as if you were the Doctor. Plus points. Being able to top the Doctor in someone's relationship, plus points Helping to save the universe from never existing. Plus points. Ceasing to exist and still waiting for your significant other. Plus points. Shooting significant other because it turns out you're a roman with a gun inside your hand. Minus points.

And yes, the Daleks and the Master are my favorite enemies.
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