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December 05, 2020, 07:24:20 pm
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Dislike for River Song

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Author Topic: Dislike for River Song  (Read 1623 times)

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« Reply #40 on: September 07, 2010, 06:14:58 pm »

So, again, I apologise I 'gatecrashed' this thread & let my frustration get the better of me, however, I don't think some people feel they can be quite as open with their love for all things S5 because of that they would like to be because of the regime, shall we say.

There is no regime; there is only Zuul.


Seriously, the mod team is made up of widely varied opinions about the classic, RTD, and Moffat eras of Doctor Who. We're not monolithic. I've also stated time and time again that personal opinions, including mine, bear no ill will nor malice towards people who express the opposite. We want people to feel free to express how they feel, good or bad, and have their happy zone of squee. This is why separate threads were started.

I don't recall anyone trolling threads with dislike. I certainly didn't. I voiced a liking for Rory even though I don't like S5--period, nothing else, no whining, name calling, anything. Did I go on and on about why I didn't like it? No, I saved that for the appropriate thread.

I feel for people who are feeling their squees harshed on S5; I feel similarly in certain places in expressing my squee for RTD and the Ninth and Tenth Doctors. There's no reason why ANYONE should feel the need to censor their opinion, but they shouldn't get personal with others about it too. Whether or not someone likes or dislikes a particular character has nothing to do with their gender, sexuality, race, creed, or what-have-you--and they shouldn't have it intimated to them that it has any bearing on it, either. It's kinda rude, rather like me saying something stupid like "The only people who like Amy are young boys who like women who wear short skirts." I'd never say that around here, and it's passing a judgment on others versus just the character alone.

Follow? Smiley

Okay, returning to the original topic of the thread...I deeply miss the days when I felt like I could watch smart, adult scifi, family friendly or not, that had decent female characters. I've felt that River has been a waste of space since she first showed up, and any chance to redeem her character has been lost for the most part--which is a crying shame. But to say that a character is either important or strong just because she's got a "significant relationship" with a male is the most sexist crap you can foist on me beyond "Here's a companion, you have to like her because she's in a short skirt."

But I'll save more on that for the "Dislike Amy" thread.
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