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October 22, 2019, 05:29:30 pm
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Dislike for Moffat

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Author Topic: Dislike for Moffat  (Read 611 times)
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« on: October 24, 2010, 05:08:16 pm »

I think he has run the show into the ground personally

I am in sad but vehement agreement with you.

I really, genuinely wanted to eat my words with a side order of whatever. I absolutely love the show and without a doubt it's my favorite. But the good that RTD brought into it he tossed out into the trash and he clearly is making it into his own thing.

It's when the show is made with a self-consciousness and attitude towards the fans that it fails. This is where even RTD was going downhill. Things need to happen in order to tell a good story and advance the story, not just to make the fans happy or rile them up. The biggest mistake any of the writers have done is listen to the fans and be conscious of them too, too much either to the point of trying to appease them all the time or conversely, be adversial towards them all the time.

We've gone the route of the pendulum and we need to find a way back. I sincerely wish that the writers and showrunner stopped and watched seasons 1-3 of the new series to remember where they came from. What RTD did was pure genius; he created a family friendly scifi adult drama. THAT'S why it worked and worked for all ages. Now it's just a self-conscious kiddy tribute to Moffat's cleverness, and unless he ditches many, many plot elements (River bullshit, screamy-shouty-pouty companions whose sole benefit is a cute face and a tight short skirt, plots which make no sense and do not advance the characters one iota) I'm very afraid for the show. Very, very afraid. As is I plan to watch the Gaiman ep next season but nothing else.

I feel very bad for Matt Smith. It's obvious they managed to bring someone on board because he wasn't a fan to start with, never saw the show and hence wouldn't know what he was in for. He even admitted as much during an interview; he had never seen the show. I think he's good but doesn't have the acting chops to carry out a bad script. I will say however that I liked Eleventh Hour solely due to his antics. The rest of the plot was recyling of old plots at best and rubbish at worst. When I watch Rose, Christmas Invasion, and Smith and Jones in comparison it makes me want to cry.

I am in no way trying to say you arent a real fan, or any of the usual crap that gets spouted on forums, but there is something here that I just dont get. You had a conversation with someone in a thread the other day, River I think it was, where you said you were a big fan of Gaimans and so would watch the episode he has written and hope that if River is in it he makes her bearable. But if you are a fan of the show, as you are of Gaiman, why dont you at least watch it and see how it pans out. You say you love the show but wont watch it, yet you also love Gaiman so are willing to put up with it. If his episode ends up being ****, or he doesnt make River bearable, will stop following his works?

Dont for a second think I am baiting you, but I cant think of a better way to put this across. The thing is, you have your views on Series 5 and what came before, which I respect and wont argue with because you have at least watched and based your opinions on what works for you and what doesnt, but unless you watch series 6 then you dont know how it will pan out or if you will enjoy it. Dont get me wrong, I know once you burn your fingers you dont rush to put your hand back in the fire, but every episode of this show is very different and every plot point spins it off in another direction. Just because you dont like what comes before, doesnt mean you wont like what comes next. I get that you are making an educated guess based on your experiences but you could end up being surprised. The thing is, if you dont watch then you wont find out. There are elements of the show that I dont really like, but it hasnt stopped me from watching because I know what came before and after were great and in the long run was worth sticking with.

Are you willing to accept that you could be turned around, or are you so sure you will hate it that you have reached that point where you wont let yourself like it regardless? As I said I am not arguing your reasoning or trying to convert you or question your fan-ness. I get your reasoning, but I dont understand your logic.
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