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Title: Aztec Love
Post by: lastofthejagaroth on February 26, 2015, 12:36:33 am
                                               AZTEC LOVE BY LASTOFTHEJAGAROTH
(This is a continuation of a plot thread in The Aztecs and was inspired by a throwaway line in The Tenth Doctor Issue #2.  Hope you enjoy!)

She stood by the gardens, with a melancholy expression on her face. She began to hobble around, stopping to look at flower, now and again. She was getting old and there was no way to stop that; but if there was only some way to invigorate her. Nothing had given her cheer for the past 10 years, and she doubted anything ever would, not at this time in her tine. Except...

There was that one charming, wonderful, old man who everyone called the Servant of Yetaxa. She was not so sure. She quickly destroyed that thought. Blasphemy! She hoped the gods would forgive her  Still, whoever that man was, he had stolen her heart right out of chest and had never returned it. That was all gone now.They were engaged for those few short days but left and never returned. The very thought of it sent a shiver up and down the woman. The sight of him, for one moment, would fill her with joy. She just knew it.

She gave a long, dejected sigh. Thoughts of him were so painful, she wish she could dash away all her memories of that man.

No! she thought suddenly. If it were not for the recollections of him, who knows where I would be now? I might've give myself up for sacrifice. I will remember him for the rest of my days, no mater how long that may be.

Then, there came an odd wheezing and groaning noise. Out of nowhere, as if by magic, a blue box appeared. Where it came from she had no idea and she was terrified. Could this be a god coming to punish her? Then the doors opened with a creaked and out stepped very peculiar men. He had brown, curly hair and this odd thing, flung around his neck.

"Hello, Cameca," he said in a deep voice.

"Who are you?" Cameca squeaked, horrified. The man said nothing but he gave a reassuring smile and held out a green bracelet. Cameca recognized it instantly and her heart melted A single tear rolled from her eye.

"My Doctor," she whispered. She knew her life was going to better from now on.