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Title: Going off-topic
Post by: poprockgeek on November 17, 2010, 01:43:58 pm
So you may be asking yourself - am I allowed to go off-topic?

The answer to that is, to a degree yes you are, but within reason.

Ok so what does within reason mean?

Basically, try not to let a thread descend into pages worth of posts that have absolutely nothing to do with the original post. It can be off-putting to other members who want to go into a thread to say something about the OP to discover the thread has gone completely astray or they may feel like they are interrupting a conversation. Think about how you would feel.

Wherever possible try to post whatever OT comment it is you wish to make on the post(s) above & also something that is actually relevant, e.g.

Quote - post above.
Your OT Comment.
Anyway back on topic ...

If off-topicness in a thread does get out of hand a mod will step in with a clear 'Back on topic please guys' in navy blue.

Hope that helps (and makes sense!)