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Title: A Tribute To Your First Experience
Post by: The Doc on November 22, 2010, 10:07:54 pm

Everyone should remember their first glimpse of Doctor Who. There are people on this forum who have watched from episode 1, others who joined in somewhere in the middle, some started watching when the show returned in 2005 and others only came on board with the latest series. Despite the 'when', we all have one thing in common at thats this wonderful show. For whatever reason, from the very first episode we watched we were somehow brought in to this fantastical world of the madman and his box flying around time and space with his friends and we are still watching along now and eagerly anticipating his next adventure. This page is a place to share your first experiences with the show and how it became a part of your viewing pleasure.

Title: Re: A Tribute To Your First Experience
Post by: Exterminate on November 23, 2010, 05:49:54 pm
I first found the show in 2005 and though I had heard about it I didnt really know anything about it. I decided after all the hype to site down and watch 'Rose' and I was hooked right away. Since then I have tried to go back and watch as much classic Who as possible. I am now totally obsessed with Daleks as a result :)

Title: Re: A Tribute To Your First Experience
Post by: thefifthdoctor on November 23, 2010, 05:56:00 pm
Think everyone knows/can guess mine by now - first memories of Who are of watching the PD years with my dad, jumping about the living room like a loony when I got the Five Doctors special edition ON VHS with a free Dalek toy at Xmas, then all the way through to the end of Syl's era.

From then til the TV Movie (urk!) til 2005, I caught up with a fair chunk of 2, 3 & 4, but I shamefully admit to having little experience of The Hartnell Years.

I'm very fond of Nu Who as well, and even when I'm down on something in the show, I still remember the reasons I watch in the first place!!

Wibbly-Wobbly-Timey-Wimey wonders.

Oh, and Peri  :P

Title: Re: A Tribute To Your First Experience
Post by: Oh-Wise-One on November 23, 2010, 06:39:45 pm
I remember seeing a rerun or old video or something of Spearhead From Space when I was younger and I became hooked. I had heard of Doctor Who before (I think it was on the Fifth Doctor at the time) and so carried on watching from there while swapping old videos with friends from school. A group of about 5 of us were big fans and we would trade or buy videos from each other. It was like a little drugs ring :P Never looked back!

Title: Re: A Tribute To Your First Experience
Post by: chrissymarieb on November 23, 2010, 06:47:49 pm
A friend and devout Whovian was shocked when I told him I had never heard of the show considering that it was 'right up my alley'.  He berated me so much that I decided to give it a try since the new season was starting on BBC America.  I watched the 'catch-up everything you need to know about Doctor Who' pre-show and thought 'this looks kinda cool'.  Then I watched The Eleventh Hour and thought 'I have been wasting the last several years of my life by not watching this show!'  I was completely blown away at how much fun it was and knew I wanted more.  It's sad that more people here don't watch it.  The show is so wonderful and can be fun and deep at the same time.  Somehow it even helped me to get through a difficult time that I had over the summer which is probably a little odd, but it worked for me :)

I will forever be a fan :)

Title: Re: A Tribute To Your First Experience
Post by: Kazairl on November 23, 2010, 08:37:11 pm
About 2 year ago, they broadcast series 1 and 2 on a local channel, I came in halfway "The Doctor Dances".
The gas mask child really scared me, and I tried to follow later episodes, not with that much success. I'd only seen 5 episodes in total from series 1 and 2.

This summer, I was watching St. Trinians II, and I thought about the villain, trying to remember what I knew him from...

Doubting if I should *continue* to watch Doctor Who, but nonetheless, I found the first episode "Rose".
Strangely enough, I didn't remember Christopher Eccleston at all being the Doctor, I just sat there watching, thinking where's David Tennant?
Some more weeks passed as I read up on the history of Doctor Who and searched the episodes with David Tennant, and after a while I also watched series 1 and 5.

Even though DT isn't really my first Doctor, he's the first Doctor I remember...
But now, I truly love Matt Smith in the role, and hope the show will last another 47 year  8)

Title: Re: A Tribute To Your First Experience
Post by: poprockgeek on November 23, 2010, 08:51:22 pm
I had caught odd bits of episodes here & there but never actively sought it out to watch. It was kind of known to me as 'the show your uncle pestered us to allow him to watch then he hid behind the sofa!' Being a sci-fi fan I had an inkling it was probably a show I should be watching, but it's timing made it inconvenient as no-one else wanted to watch.

Earlier this year I got back in touch with an old friend & I think, knowing me as he did, he was a bit surprised to find I wasn't watching it. When Series 5 came to the end of its run he encouraged me to watch it telling me I had a week to catch the whole series on iplayer. As he has rarely steered me wrong with TV shows I decided to finally bite the bullet. In 2 days I'd watched the lot and was searching through the on demand listings on my cable box for more. I found series 2 & again in 2 days I'd watched that, followed by Torchwood series 1. By this time I was totally hooked - in less than a week!

After that I started watching all the DW I could find. I've now seen all DW from the 1996 movie onwards and am making a start on the Classic Series.

I am truly grateful to my friend for putting me on to the show. And I'm glad to have the Doctor in my life  :)

Title: Re: A Tribute To Your First Experience
Post by: Roranicus on November 23, 2010, 09:00:33 pm
I did things a bit muddled up. I remember the show vaguely from when I was a child and I have a memory of watching reruns on VHS that belonged to my older brother but I watched it mostly because it was on rather than because I was interested, then I got into it from Smith & Jones, watched series 3, then 1 and 2, then 3 again and have been on track ever since :P

Title: Re: A Tribute To Your First Experience
Post by: Nyki on November 24, 2010, 12:04:41 am
I watched An Unearthly Child 47 years ago today (glances at the clock - technically yesterday) and again the following week, because of the power cut.  I was hooked from that point.  I lost track a bit during the 80s because of various practical difficulties in watching (though I've made up for that now) and welcomed the new version enthusiastically, as well as Torchwood and SJA.