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February 01, 2023, 07:55:24 pm
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Introducing....The Sixth Doctor

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Author Topic: Introducing....The Sixth Doctor  (Read 291 times)
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« on: January 22, 2011, 03:42:28 pm »

1984 - 1986

"In all my travelling throughout the universe, I have battled against evil, against power-mad conspirators. I should have stayed here. The oldest civilisation: decadent, degenerate, and rotten to the core. Power-mad conspirators, Daleks, Sontarans, Cybermen - they're still in the nursery compared to us. Ten million years of absolute power. That's what it takes to be really corrupt."

Portrayed by; Colin Baker (1943 -)

The Sixth Doctor was an unpredictable and somewhat petulant egoist, whose garish, multicoloured attire reflected his volatile personality. He was both portentous and eloquent — even for the Doctor, of whom he saw himself as the finest incarnation yet — and his unpredictability was made even wilder by his mood swings, manic behaviour, bombastic outbursts and glib, unflappable wit. His personality also displayed occasionally fatalistic overtones.

The Sixth Doctor was almost supremely confident in his abilities and did not suffer fools gladly; he sometimes seemed to endure Peri's presence far more than he actually appreciated it, and his superiority complex applied to almost everyone he encountered.
His intellect could support his ego—for instance, the Sixth Doctor was the only one who was able to repair and operate the chameleon circuit within the TARDIS, allowing it to change shape to suit its surroundings rather than looking constantly like a police box (although the appropriateness of the TARDIS's appearance to its environment was more-or-less nil) in Attack of the Cybermen.
However, not only did his melodramatic arrogance and caustic wit eventually subside, it actually hid the fact that this incarnation retained the Doctor's strong moral sense and empathy as seen in Revelation of the Daleks in which he showed great compassion to a dying mutant and The Trial of a Time Lord where he displayed outrage at his own people for their part in a plot and cover-up which resulted in the death of most of the Earth's population.

Underneath his blustering exterior, he was more determined than ever in his universal battles against evil, possessed of a tenacity and a thirst to do what was right that was far more visible than ever before. Despite his often unstable demeanour, he was always ready to act when necessary, and very little — even his companions — could hope to stand in his way.

Televised Adventures

The Twin Dilemma
Attack of the Cybermen
Vengeance On Varos
The Mark of the Rani
The Two Doctors
Revelation of the Daleks
The Trial of a Timelord:
The Mysterious Planet
Terror of the Vervoids
The Ultimate Foe
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« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2011, 06:36:30 pm »

I'm still undecided on a lot of his stories but CB wasn't a bad Doctor by any stretch. He hammed it up a little in parts and his anger often came off as camp but he put the effort in and reaped no rewards. He was treated awfully by the BBC at the time and as a result of bad production and writing values the blame for a bad run is often left at his feet for things he had no control over. More people need to remember that when they are laying into him. Probably the Doctor most deserving of respect for all he put up with over the last 30 years and still being both gacious and generous with the fans
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« Reply #2 on: January 24, 2012, 06:28:28 am »

When I first watched Colin Baker's run, I was apprehensive. Everyone on the net seemed to talk about how bad his stories were and how Colin was everyone's least favorite. The worst story everyone told me was the Twin Dilemma- a great start off for the new Doctor eh?

Well I watched it. And I couldn't stop laughing. Colin Baker is a great Doctor and he cracks me up with his bombastic attitude and flamboyant nature. Sure he's pretty abrasive, but so is the first Doctor. And Colin's stories weren't that bad either. I'd say only The Two Doctors, Mark of the Rani, and Timelash were below the standard. But the first has Troughton, the second wasn't super-awful, and the latter had a great villain.
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