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February 04, 2023, 12:05:04 pm
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Section Rules

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Author Topic: Section Rules  (Read 277 times)
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« on: January 12, 2011, 12:46:29 pm »

The Appreciation And Loathing section was set up very early on when the forum first opened as a way of breaking down and tackling the arguments and thread derailments that often plague similar forums and sites. The ethos of The Doctor In The TARDIS is a peaceful one where all the fans of the show, regardless of what they like and dislike, can come to talk about it without the fear of being flamed, agrivated or mocked because of their tastes. We are a big fandom covering nearly 50 years worth of history and it is only natural that there will be apposing viewpoints from time to time and that is perfectly healthy, but this section was created as a way for people to air those viewpoints without being tackled for it.

This section of the forum has two distinct catagories. Some threads are created for love and positivity towards elements of the shows while others are created to express criticism or negativity towards elements of the show. The reason behind this is to allow conversations and comments to flow without having them descend into arguments. When someone feels strongly about something, often all they want to do is air their comments without being tackled or told they are wrong, but when their opinion is strong and perhaps controversial it can often lead to them being attacked or ridiculed for airing it. This is what we are trying to stamp out.

If a thread is created in this section and you find yourself disagreeing with its content then have a look around for a thread to counter it. If there isn't one already created then make your own and air your views but under no circumstances is anyone to enter a thread in this section and post apposing views to what the thread is there for or calling people out because you don't like their opinion. You will NEVER convince someone to start loving a character and you will NEVER convince someone to start hating a character. If you want to strike a balance to what has been said in a section then do it in another thread.

This section of the forum is moderated very closely and to some extents is the strictest area to post in. If a moderator sees a post out of place then it will be moved straight away to where it is most relevent and if you are suspected of deliberately trying to stir up trouble or bait other members into an argument then action will be taken and warnings will be issued. These rules are taken very seriously and must be adhered to at all times. If you are unsure about where you should post something that you have to say in this section then check with the moderating team first or put it into a new thread where it can then be moved accordingly. Sometimes a thread might not be labelled very clearly, if that is the case then don't be afraid to ask in the thread itself which way it leans.

Whenever you post about a character that you do not like, we want you to take into consideration the difference between the actor and the part they play. Dislike of actors is normal and we understand that, but there is a fine line between stating a dislike and abusing an actor. Abuse will not be tolerated and posts will be edited at the discression of the moderating team if they feel a comment has gone to far.

If you are outside of this section and you find yourself in a debate about a character or member of the production team then that is fine. Threads sometimes go off course and debate and difference of opinion is promoted on the forum, but you must do so with respect to your fellow members. Differing opinions is perfectly acceptable but making personal attacks on members because of their opinion will not be tolerated in any circumstance. Threads often leads to conversations about characters and while that is ok to a degree, if that discussion takes over a topic then it will be moved to this section of the forum.

Discussion of episodes belongs in their relevent sections of the forum. If you start a thread about a story or episode in those areas then you can expect people to have differing opinions on it but we expect you to be mature enough to not let that lead to all out war. Episode discussion does not belong in this section and so isnt bound by the same rules of separating the positive and the negative. By the same standard though, any character thread that is started outside this section which is set up to specifically like or dislike shall be moved here immediately.

We do not want to stifle debate or conversation in any way but we also do not want to succumb to any of the negative aspects that plague nearly every other forum and see threads full of wonderful conversation descend into a 'who's better' argument. When it comes to liking and loathing aspects of the show, nobody is right and nobody is wrong and personal tastes are just that. Doing it this way has worked very well up to now and there has been next to no trouble, so please be mindful of the rules when posting in this section.
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