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October 18, 2021, 05:15:13 am
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Women in Doctor Who

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Author Topic: Women in Doctor Who  (Read 353 times)
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« on: January 12, 2011, 04:09:08 pm »

Is it possible that the character of Rory and Amy is a deliberate response to his own embarrassment about his previous comments? He said women were needy and men didn't want to get married. In Rory and Amy we find the complete reversal of this scenario (especially in Amy's Choice, admittedly not written by Moffet). In fact, you could even say this has gone too far and damaged Amy's popularity as I know a few people who dislike her because of her lack of concern/commitment to Rory and her frequent criticisms of the Doctor (which, although echoing Donna somewhat, were miles away from Martha and Rose).

The problem with this is that it still doesn't create a well rounded character and means that popular ideas of feminine identity have still played a part in the characterisation (this time, being defined by trying to combat these ideas.) Even when Amy does get married - and by that point I don't see it as 'settling' but a choice based on love - Moffet adds in her propositions to the Doctor to show that she isn't just going to be a quiet, subservient wife.

Hopefully he will once again learn from peoples criticisms and make Amy more well-rounded in the next series. Interviews he has given suggest she has changed following the events in the last series, and Karen has alluded to this too.

I personally think River is a very mysterious, adventurous, strong and potentially dangerous female character. These descriptions are usually exclusively reserved for male characters (look at Bill in True Blood, Vampy boy in Twilight, Roland in the Dark Tower, Arny in Terminator 2, Han Solo...countless other examples). Yes, she is often reliant on the doctor in some situations - but he is the boffin! In combat situations (and often technical) she can hold her own; especially against stone daleks! The main problem with her character is that we already know how her story ends, and it is in a very unsatisfactory way, especially given what we know now. How I wish she would have survived (properly) the Library!

Finally, criticising Moffet for pairing off his female characters isn't really fair I think. I have no problem with Sally having a boyfriend - how does this undermine her character? Yes, her friend is sent back in time and is happily married, but this is important for the story as it underlines how the Angels "kill you kindly" as she has still had a full life. No, having a family isn't the only way to show a full life, but it is - in storytelling terms - a satisfying way to do so given small confines time wise and a large audience. For example, Martha being engaged is one of the key ways they communicate she is 'over' the doctor. Sure, her great career and strength should be enough to do that - but having her engaged underlines this. Also, pairing her with Mickey is quite simply fan service. The main thing that rubs me the wrong way about this problem is with Rose. Her story was based on her love for adventure, but in the end it made out that she loved the doctor, but would prefare if he could just settle down with her and have a family. For her love/passion to be vindicated, she needs the man to share to be able to devote himself to here? Doesn't sit right with her series one character to me.
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